Publications / Productions

23rd Kalamata International Dance Festival

Video dance Productions

Chorica by Zouzou Nikoloudi (1995)

Video Record of the Photograph Exhibition "Nelly's - Body & Dance" which included the choreography “Monument” by Dimitris Papaïoannou (directed by Takis Hatzopoulos - Cinetic) (1997)


Kalamata International Dance Centre Productions / Educational and Community Activities

“An Evening of Dance” (December 2013)

“Dancing in the Castle” (June 2013)

“Through the crisis” (June 2012)

“Under the olive tree” Participation in multidisciplinary event “Taste and Memory” in the context of the program “Everyday culture” by the University of Peloponnese (March 2012)

“An Evening of Dance” (December 2011)

“Dance land” (June 2011)

“An Evening of Dance” (December 2010)

“Dances, Delights and thousand Desires” (July 2009)

“An Evening of Dance” (December 2008)



Album "Nelly's - Body & Dance" in collaboration with the Benaki Museum and by AGRA-AMMOS Publications (1997)

Annual programmes from 1995 to this day