3rd Day Program // 16.7.17

23rd Kalamata International Dance Festival

Program of the Day // 16.7.17





  • Duration 65'kinitiras

Unsuspected Time

Concept, Choreography Antigone Gyra & the company
Performance Writing-Dramaturgy Christos Polymenakos & Anna Tsichli-Boissonnas
Costume Design Daphne Aidoni
Choreographer Assistant  Marianthi Lazou

Photos Tassos Venetsanopoulos

Performed by Vicky Adamou, Paola Aparicio, Fania Christidi, Kostis Daskalakis,
Marilena Daskaroli, Kike Garcia, Ηara Giannakopoulou, Christos Kalkanis, Ioanna Kampilafka, Despina Kostelidou, Artemis Lampiri, Katerina Lionti, Magda Mas-tora, Smaragdi Michalakakou, Giannis Michalakoukos, Angeliki Papadia, Exar-menia Pappa, Katerina El Raheb, Eugenia Sigalou, Anthi Theofilidou, Jason Venetsanopoulos, Alexis Vidalakis et al.
Guest Flora Kalomiri

Unsuspected Time was presented in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens in the spring of 2016 in central town squares, as a part of In Progress Feedback Festival 2016. Lately in the summer it was also presented at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation as a part of 15th Dance Festival of Greek Choreographers Association.


Unsuspected Time A performance inspired by C. Polymenakos’ poem of the same name, which explores the duration of time in relation to the moment when suddenly everything changes – slightly or considerably. A large group of people moves circularly all the way through the performance while the circularity is being interrupted by minor or major events that occur at unsuspected time creating an overthrow in the continuous flux. Just as it happens in life; a butterfly’s cast, a puddle in the street, a sudden death, a love at first sight, they all happen in a moment and that moment can change us in unsuspected time. Unsuspected Time proves to be more and more prophetic for its creators; every passing day humanity goes even deeper in the dark.

Antigone Gyra creates dance and theatre performances as well as video art. She graduated from the London Laban Centre with distinction and she was awarded with the Graduates’ Choreography Prize in 1993. In 1996 she created Kinitiras Dance Spectacle (Chorotheama), a dance company with which she has choreographed many works until today. She founded, together with Vicky Adamou and Flora Kalomoiri, the Kinitiras Studio, the first residency centre for performing arts in Greece. Antigone works as a volunteer in the 2nd Primary School of Voula where she got the inspiration for the new action EK-PLIXI (Sur-Prise) that brings dance into schools.

Kinitiras Ιnternationally recognized artistic network connecting professionals and amateurs through the performing arts. It was founded in 1995-96 as a dance-theatre group, called Kinitiras Dance Spectacle. Kinitiras has created the project EK-PLIXI which brought dance into the school and has established the In Progress-Feedback Festival for young artists. Finally, Kinitiras Choreography Lab has been an important innovation within the dance sector in Greece and internationally, between 2011 and 2014, creating a multicultural environment.
kinitiras.com, ekplixi.com

Christos Polymenakos has been developing and applying his method, body/word, in the frame of Performance Writing, since 2010 in creation and dramaturgy, in teaching performance writing, improvisation, acting, dramaturgy, critical analysis and feedback for professionals, amateurs and students. His creations and workshops have been hosted by State and Private Institutions and Festivals in Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Finland, the United Kingdom and France. He has been working as workshop facilitator at the Onassis Cultural Centre since 2015. He has been working with Kinitiras since 1995.

Anna Tsichli-Boissonnas Anna Tsichli studied at the University of Athens (BA in Theatre Studies), The Central School of Speech and Drama (MA in Performance Studies), Panteion University (PhD). She ac-quired her PhD “Political and Social Dimensions of the Experimental European Theatre in the closing years of the 20th century, A Study of Performances and Devised Theatre Practices” with honours. She is currently teaching “Theatre Practice and Directing” at the Department of Theatre Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Peloponnese and “Elements of Acting and Directing” at the Theatre Stud-ies Program, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science of the Open University of Cyprus. She participat-ed in festivals, congresses, committees, European research programs and workshops in Greece and abroad.

Daphne Aidoni Born in Athens, Daphne studied Architecture at the Polytechnic School–University of Patras. She continued her studies in Prague where she graduated from the MA Theatre Stage Design program of the Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU). She has participated in exhibitions and conferences in Patras, Athens, Venice, Kassel, Berlin, Prague and Argentina. As a set and costume designer she has worked with theatre, physical theatre, dance and contemporary circus performers.

Parallel Events

Martha & Niki a film by Tora Mkandawire Mårtens

16.07.2017 / 22:00

  • Duration 90'

martha niki

Martha & Niki 
Α film by Tora Mkandawire Mårtens

Sweden 2015
In Swedish with Greek subtitles

Director, Script Tora Mkandawire Mårtens
Cast Martha Nabwire & Niki Tsappos
Producer Tora Mkandawire Mårtens
Cinematographers Erik Vallsten, Niklas Nyberg, Senay Berhe, Tora Mkandawire Mårtens
Artistic Advisor Kalle Boman
Μusic by Jungle Brothers, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Das EFX, N.O.R.E, The Roots, Method Man, Damon Frost, Chapee, Explicit Samurai, Niki Awandee, Fulgeance, Dibiase, Isopode, Fat Freddy's drop, Mario P Amigo, Supahumans, Clika One, Kalle Bäccman, Andreas Unge, Pontus Winnberg, Gustavo Santaolalla, Kicki Halmos & Per Egland
Music Composers Kicki Halmos, Per Egland, Red Wood, Kalle Bäccman, Andreas Unge
Film Editors Tora Mkandawire Mårtens & Therese Elfström
Sound Design Red Wood
In co production with Emelie Persson, SVT / Kalle Bäccman Production / Patrik Axén, Stavro Film
With support from Linus Torell, SFI / Beata Mannheimer, FRSM

Cinedoc logoProduced by Neo Publishing AB, Tora Mkandawire Mårtens

01 Martha

Martha & Niki In 2010, Swedish friends Martha Nabwire and Niki Tsappos were the first ever female hip hop dance duo to beat all their opponents at the most important international street dance competition, Juste Debout, in Paris. Martha moved from Uganda to Sweden as a teenager, while Niki was adopted from Ethiopia as a baby.
This documentary not only films two successful dancers in action, but also two young adults who are grappling with very different life questions. Where are your roots, and what elements of your culture do you bring with you from your homeland? How can you keep your cultural heritage alive, and how can you deal with all of these things within an ambitious friendship?


Tora Mårtens was born in Stockholm in 1978. She has a background as a still photographer. Tora Mårtens graduated from Dramatiska institutet in 2007. In 2009 her film Bye Bye C’est Fini was awarded for best short doc (ZDF Award) at the festival Interfilm Berlin. Tora was also awarded the Prix Médias pour la Diversité Culturelle «Boundless /Sans frontières» for her film Dolce Vita with bacon.

Εducational activities

The Revolutionary Dances of Isadora Duncan
Dance Seminar by Barbara Kane with Françoise Rageau and Sandra Voulgari 

| MESSENIA ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM | 10:00-12:00 (seminar)
Kalamata Castle | 19:30-21:00 (seminar)

| MESSENIA ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM | 10:00-12:00 (seminar)
Zoumbouleio Megaron | 17:00-19:00 (seminar)

| MESSENIA ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM | 9:30-11:30 (seminar) 
Kalamata Castle | 19:30-21:30 (seminar)

20.7 Κalamata Castle (21:00) Public Presentation of B. Kane’s Evening Seminar.
21.7 Archaeological Museum of Messenia, Kalamata, The Museum is dancing,
Touring-Presentation of B. Kane’s Day Seminar.

The Revolutionary Dances of Isadora Duncan
throughout her creative and meaningful life

Barbara Kane's Dance Seminar
with Françoise Rageau and Sandra Voulgari

Ιn collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Messenia, Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports
(General Co-ordinator and Management: Dr. Evangelia Militsi-Kechagia, Archaeologist, Director of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Messenia, Scientific Curator: Maria Tsoulakou, MSc Archaeologist, Ephorate of Antiquities of Messenia)

Isadora Duncan was born with a purpose and thinking to express change in life and to challenge the norms of the 1900’s in Western thought. The philosophy of Ancient Greece informed her dance creations. As early as 1903 Isadora Duncan began creating dances that reflected societal conflict; she wanted the creation of a new world free of exploitation, poverty and war.
She danced the Revolution of a new age free from bodily restraint, dances that expressed sorrow and joy, dances that explored resistance and hope.
Barbara Kane's Seminar with Françoise Rageau and Sandra Voulgari will explore these dances from the early works about the sea/water to the later works about the people who become aware of their oppression and fought for their freedom. Themes that will be presented at the Archaeological Museum of Messenia, Kalamata: Water and our respect and how over many centuries the sea has destroyed
so many lives / given also toο many tο our lives. Themes for the Castle presentation reflect revolt, awareness of the oppression of life, combined with hope and a vision that we carry on into the 21st Century. Dances of Revolt and Hope, strength and sorrow, hope and confidence combined in movement expression via the Dance and technique of Isadora Duncan.

Οpen to dance students (7 years old and up) and dancers. Also available for anyone at any age (no dance experience needed).
Limit of participants: 18 people

Barbara Kane

Barbara Kane studied with pupils of Irma and Anna Duncan, Lillian Rosenberg (1969-1974), Julia Levien (1976-1998) and Hortense Kooluris (1976-1991). Performing with the Isadora Duncan Centenary Dance Company 1976 to 1979. In 1979 Barbara moved to England and in 1985 set up the Isadora Duncan Dance Group based in Gent, Belgium, Paris and London with the support of Jetty Roels and Françoise Rageau. Barbara had a curiosity for all Duncan Dance developments in Europe and sought out and took classes with pupils of Lisa Duncan (Madeleine Lytton and Odile Pyros), with pupils of the Elizabeth Duncan School and of the Duncan School in Moscow. Barbara has always felt that Duncan Dance belongs in the community and throughout her career has included Duncan classes for adults, children and elderly people with and without disabilities. Barbara has retired as a performer but continues to teach the Duncan Dance.

Participation fee: 70 €
Down payment: 20 €
Registration & Information: Sandra Voulgari
+30 6973 077 158
mail @ kalamatadancefestival.gr
* Reservation +30 6931 512 683

Working Bodies
The Dancer as Workforce | Workshop with Sophia Mavragani and Konstantina Bousmpoura

15 - 17.07.2017 | 12:00 - 15:00 

Working Bodies
The Dancer as Workforce

Workshop with Konstantina Bousmpoura
and Sofia Mavragani


Focused on the status of the dancer as an employee, Konstantina Bousmpoura (anthropologist/documentarist) and Sofia Mavragani (choreographer) create a workshop studying the meaning and the social dimensions of work (labour). The aim of the workshop is to provide a deeper understanding of the relationship between humans and labour in the modern society: which is the anthropocentric aspect of labour?
The workshop provokes questions and processes simulations of working situations conceptually as well as practically. The methodology used is based on observation and recording meanings and techniques drawn from anthropology as well as on bodily play techniques as they emerge through Sofia Mavragani’s research on the playful body.
The workshop draws upon the documentary Working Dancers which is based on the seven year ethnographic research of Konstantina Bousmpoura and records the struggle of a group of dancers from Buenos Aires for labour rights.

Οpen to working artists and non-artists, unemployed people and young people who are concerned about their working future.
Limit of participants: 15 people
A strict priority list will be kept.


Konstantina Bousmpoura studied Economic Science at the Athens University of Economics, and Social Anthropology at the University of Seville. She holds a diploma in Latin American Studies from the University of Salamanca. Since 2007 she has worked in filmic ethnography and direction of documentaries in Buenos Aires and Athens. Her research subject is dance, work and politics. In 2009 she won the first prize in Certamen de Creación Joven Sevilla, with the documentary Feeling from Outside, based on foreign flamenco dancers in Seville. The documentary was screened in many international festivals (XIV Βiennial of Young Αrtists from Europe and the Mediterranean, Skopje 2009, Festival de video y danza-Habana, Festival de video y danza -Ecuador, Anthropofest-Czech Republic, Ethnofest-Athens). Her last documentary Working Dancers (Argentine-Greece, 2016) screened in international and Greek festivals also participates in international academic projects (Political Imagination Laboratory-University of Perugia, Everyday Revolutions-University of Manchester). Her article “Working Dancers: Contemporary Dance Activism in Argentina” is included in the book artWork: Art, Labor and Activism (to be published in late 2017th). She is a member of ACÁ, an educational and artistic organization based in Buenos Aires. workingdancers.com, vimeo.com/12421171

Sofia Mavragani graduated from Athens School of Economics (BΑ in Business Administration, 2000) and from EDDC-European Dance Development Centre, ArtEZ-University of Arts, Arnhem, NL (Bachelor in Dance Making, 2005). Her works, known for their socio-political focus, have been presented at several festivals and venues in Greece and abroad: Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Megaron-The Athens Concert Hall, documenta 14, Kalamata International Dance Festival, Dimitria Festival (Thessaloniki), MIRfestival (Athens), Park your ID festival (Maastricht), Dance Days International Festival (Chania), State Theatre of Northern Greece, Apollon Theatre (Syros), Τeatro Belisario (Buenos Aires), Teatro Lagrada (Madrid), Cacoyannis Foundation (Athens) etc. Being fondly interested in the field of education and exchange, she develops experimental workshops on improvisation and composition, such as the overnight workshop Out of Order and the research project playforPLACE, which has been held in 17 cities in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Oceania. She is a founding member of FINGERSIX, an international artistic network, and of the non profit-organization FINGERSIX/Athens. sofiamavragani.com

17.7 Kalamata Dance Megaron - Forecourt (22:00) Screening of Working Dancers,
a film by Konstantina Bousmpoura and Julia Martinez Heimann.

Free participation
Reservation is required
Registration & Information: Νatassa Aretha
+30 6934 164 243
mail @ kalamatadancefestival.gr

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